A Brand New Start

I have always loved writing. Its been a way to express myself. I used to write ‘romance’ novels as a teenager. What i knew about romance was from reading countless Mills & Boons novels and using names that seemed exotic to me like Tristan and Aurora. Seems like long ago… hmm…how long ago was I a teenager? That’s a question better left for another day.

In the bid to start a business and be successful at it, I slowly started forgetting myself. I stopped doing anything for me. My whole life was focused around my business. Its not that I stopped caring or loving myself. It started gradually. I would have to rush for an appointment or a meeting, make-up was forgotten, if my hair was tidy (sometimes not) as long as i got to my appointment and made my clients happy, that was ok for me. As the business grew and my hair appointments got more and more, I just gave my all to it, it consumed me, I enjoyed it, my baby was growing so I had to give all of me. To a stage where I am stretched so thin I hardly sleep. Nights end at 5am, days start at 8am. There’s hardly time for sleep, talk less of make-up, facials and girly stuff. I stopped thinking about my sense of style, my love for quaint and beautiful things, exploring places and food.

Well, that’s changing for good. My quest for change and total self-awareness started approximately a year ago. When someone very close to my heart fell terminally ill. I lost my daddy, my hero exactly 6 days ago. My world turned upside down. I really don’t know what to do with myself. But what I know is this. I can write.

Everyone is wired differently. I think tragedy reminds me of the positive. For me, this whole year has reminded me that we are mortal and if you don’t do what you want to do or say today, you might not have the chance to do it later. The change started last February ’15, I started going out more, making a little time for myself. Not enough though. As he has passed away to greener pastures and I know he is looking down on me smiling. I refuse to slowly let life make me forget the important things. I continually quest for knowledge, whether it be about flowers, hair or electricity.  Lets talk about life, feelings and love. I want to talk about being a woman, being single, a lady achiever, a creative, a hairstylist, a boss, a lover, a friend, a daughter, a Nigerian, an optimist, a bit of cray cray and whatever the hop piques my interest.Photo 2015-11-03 21.16.06



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