Much needed chill pill

I have been having a migraine for the last 5 days. Normally suffer with them but not for 5 days. And they are fewer and farther between these days. It’s one of those that no matter what you do, it just won’t quit. Argh!!!

Ok so what’s the plan. My friend told me yesterday. By the way it was one of the worst days so far. I saw what a DC looks like. That’s the exact opposite of a BC (Birthday certificate) don’t want to say the D word. And I think it makes it all more real. She said I need to take time for myself instead of keeping busy with work. Busy makes me not think. Not thinking about it means I’m burying it, Burying it means it could erupt anytime.

So Gealle was the nice friend who had time for me at one of my lowest points. And set me on the path I take today…lol abit dramatic right ‘path’. I cancelled my appointments for today. A hairstylist whose not mentally  and physically well cannot work her magic on her clients.

I had a massage booked from last week. So my morning started with a massage at Arokoya Thai Massage.  It’s was for 1hr and 30mins. Wow, was it worth it. I feel so relaxed. I don’t think there’s a muscle in my body that wasn’t touched. Didn’t even know muscles could be sore in some of these places. From my toes to my head. I feel so relaxed. Lovely. When the massage was finished. I was treated to some nice Thai tea. If wishes were horses, I’d have a Thai masseuse on standby 247. If only, sigh!

Massage done, the quetion is, To do my nail or not too? I’ll get something to eat and then decide if I want to do that.  On Barlow moor road, there’s this really nice all day breakfast place called The Chorlton Eatery.  They do the best hot chocolate with marshmallows in Manchester. I had the Big Breakfast. Yeah breakfast at 2pm. I set the time of my meals. If I want to have breakfast at 8pm. Why  the hop not. It’s an all day breakfast place right. Careful though. They close at 5pm. Back to the big breakfast. I had the full shebang. Hot chocolate with Marshmallows and cream, The big breakfast without the black pudding and harsh browns  they so nice they let you substitute and a banana/mango smoothie. It was massive. But much needed today and once in a while. Alot of this won’t do much for my waist line or I just might have no waist line if this keeps up for more than once a month. The staff are really nice and the chef Tatu is there to listen to you. I had a blast,

Nails or no nails. I think I have to leave that for today. Another day when I feel the need for a bit of tlc. I’ll be back to Barlow Moore Road.

All muscles relaxed, well fed and watered. I’m heading back to Salford to put my feet up and watch a movie or some judge Judy. Feels weird to close the salon on a Wednesday but I think I’ll be better for myself and everyone around me tomorrow. I’m looking to do 3 days away. Wonder where I’ll go. Something to look forward to.



I couldn’t put a photo of the food. It looked gorgeous but….I’d feel guilty every time I looked at it. Maybe next time.

Here are the places I went to just in case you need some of what I had today.

Arokaya Authentic Thai Massage
557 Barlow Moor Rd, Manchester M21 8AN

The Chorlton Eatery.

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