Monday Morning

I did a bit of make up. Doing my best to wake up earlier so I can get glammed up in the morning. I notice that when I do a bit of make up in the morning, it’s not always about the look. Yes that’s important. I don’t want to end up looking like a Geisha. But the process, I find relaxing, a bit of me time. I can think.

I went into the Manchester city centre last week and got some beauty supplies. I was in the store about 2 hours trying out lipsticks, mouses, blushers and lips gloss. 2 hours #&€%!!! A loooong time. 2 hours. I was armed with new brushes. Especially new brushes. I have been told off by Gaelle Mokoy MUA time and time again about the condition of my brushes. I use them too long.

I havent really stock to a btand over the years. It depends on what i like from different brands. A Cross section of some of the stuff I use. I have brushes from MAC and Real technics. I went for Lottie brushes this time. They are quite good. . But I think I prefer the Real Technic Brushes. I also got the Dream matt Mouse by Maybelline in 70 cocoa, 60 caramel. I like to try it out. I normallyp

stick to Mac or YSL for these liquid foundations. On a budget so… GOSH Lipstick in Twilight, Sleek lipsticks in Naked, Baby Doll and Mulberry. We going for those ómbré lips. I’ll show you in a bit. Now I’m not one of those who must have one million layers for your make up game to start. I like it more or less simple but love those natural looking highlighted cheekbones. Mmm. I can’t wait.


Ok ok. I’ll just show you the finished look. But here’s what I used for the look.
Mac CC Cream
Dream matt Mouse 60 & 70
Mac Gold Pallet
Sleek Twist up pencil in Midnight
Sleek contour Pallet
Sleek Lipstick Baby Doll
GOSH Lipstick in Twilight
Guerlain Bronzer colour 4.

I didn’t realise there were that much. Lol. Here’s the finished product. I’m a bit more confident with my make up cos of the tips in getting from Gaelle. She does classes to. I’ll hook you up at the end of the article.


My lips support girls with big African lips everywhere. Start of the day at the shop. Start of a wonderful week.

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